Joyful Journey!
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Let go of the old and in with the new. 

Signs that you need to grow spiritually.  Your need to grow spiritually may come gradually or it may come as a shock. When it happens in your life, you may not ignore the signs. 

Look out for the following:


1.      You do not fit in anymore.  You feel as if you do not share the viewpoints of your family or friends anymore. At first, this may be very difficult for you, as we generally do not want to rock the boat. We want to fit in. 

 2.      You may move away from traditional religion.  Religion does not answer your questions anymore. You feel as if you just do not get from religion what you always got from it. It does not satisfy you anymore. 

 3.      You are restless and start searching.  You may not know for what you are searching. Is it calm and peace? Is it answers to difficult questions? You may become more and more restless as your search continues. 

 4.      You want to know what your life purpose is.  You are questioning your life. Is there a reason for you being here on earth at this specific date in time? You want answers to the question do I have a definite life purpose. 

 5.      You had a moving spiritual experience.  Most people start on their spiritual path after they had a special experience. This may be a difficult one like an illness or divorce. It may also be a good experience like the birth of a child or grandchild, or just having a peak experience in nature.   

Most people find their spiritual path somewhere in their lives. Some people accept the invitation and others may be unaware. When you start to experience the above-mentioned signs in your life, you get to choose to grow or to go back to sleep. 

Growing spiritually is a roller coaster but definitely worth the ride.