Joyful Journey!

Feeling too old too soon?

Tips to relieve stress and feel younger again   

Stress is making us feel old and tired. Remember when we were still young and care free how little stress did we experience? 

Here are seven tips to get that care free feeling back. 

 1.      Trust and flow.  Trust that your journey and your life is right on track. Flow with what is happening. 

 2.      Do not resist.  When we are constantly resisting what is happening to us, it makes us stressed. Accept what you can and try to let go of the rest. 

 3.      Take deep breaths.  We usually take too shallow breaths when we experience stress. Try to take deep breaths often. It will relax you. 

 4.      Sleep well.  Do everything to make sure that you are sleeping enough and well. Take the television out of your room. Get some nice plants that can provide you with extra oxygen. 

5.      Exercise.  Even very little exercise will help you to relieve your stress. Walking is very good. Do not think that you should run a marathon or have to join a gym. You can exercise on your own and get the same benefits. 

6.      Get time out in nature.  Get some vitamin D to relieve depression. Nature provide you with everything that you need sun, fresh air, exercise and time out. 

 7.       Do what you can.  If you do what you can to relieve your situation, you can relax. No one can do more than what is possible for him/her at that moment.   

 Imagine how much better you would feel if you could get to do some of the tips mentioned here. 

Make an effort today to add at least three of these good habits in your life. It is easy and you will reap the benefits.

Five mistakes people make in communication

Communication is crucial for all of our relationships. Are you a good communicator? 

People tend to make the following five mistakes most often. 

 1.      You interrupt 

Are you one of those people you who just cannot wait for your turn? This communication mistake is so common that people are not even aware of doing it. Wait until the other person finished his sentence or idea before you add to the conversation.   

 2.      You do not listen 

Do you really listen when someone else is talking? You are usually already thinking of your own addition or opinion and do not listen to the speaker. Focus your attention on what is said.   

 3.  You invalidate 

This means that you do not give empathy or understand what the other person is feeling. They ignore the feeling behind the words. You need to listen for feelings as well to be a good communicator. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Give them permission to feel the feeling.   

 4.      You make assumptions You tend to jump to conclusions and make assumptions about what the other person is talking. Try to make sure that you understand the message clearly.   

 5.      Unclear messages 

Do not send unclear messages to other people and then get upset if they misunderstand you. The clearer the message, the bigger the chance of good communication. Be specific and do not expect people to read your mind.   

You can easily correct these few mistakes in your daily communication. Become aware of your habits and change them if they are contributing to your poor communication.