Dr. Ronél le Roux

Therapist, Life coach and Author

Are you tired and feeling hopeless?  


Do you still feel that you have a purpose?   

There comes a time when we start questioning our part in the universe, feeling as if life is passing us by. 


We may feel uncertain about where we are going and what we need to do to feel joy again.   It is as if we do not know ourselves and cannot find peace in this hectic world.     

I am a therapist by training and it is my passion to guide people on their path to find purpose and joy again.

"As you begin to live in the present moment, you will experience a subtle but profound change. A deep peace will enfold you, a peace that says, 'All is well'. 

Everything is unfolding according to plan and you are being guided each step along the way"

- Mary M Morrissey
"If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present."

- Roy T Bennett

about ME
a few words about Me

I started my private practice during 1995 just after I received my Ph.D. in Social Work. My field of expertise is in Emotional Intelligence. I co-authored several self-help books in this field and since 1998, I facilitated courses, workshops and individual training sessions. 

Prevention is still the best way to go when working with people.  

Since about 2002 I also provide counseling with gambling addicts. Gambling is a serious addiction and I, as part of the SARGF, receive referrals from their helpline. 

I have gained a lot of wisdom as I walked my own challenging life path. As part of my spiritual journey I co-authored a book on spiritual awareness and growth with Dr. Heinrich Kleinschmidt. I revised this book during 2020. 

Compassion is who I am. 

My compassion for others who are struggling in their lives, urges me to help, guide and support them.

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What I provide: 

I see myself as a supportive life coach. I have an interest in guiding men and women to find their joy again, especially when they are in difficult life stages (e.g. empty nest, after divorce, not feeling positive about themselves anymore, little self-confidence, etc.) 

This means that as I can provide the following:


* Supporting you where you are in life


* Giving clarity about where you want to go 

* Helping you to find your life purpose/passion 

* Guiding you in making important life decisions 

* Teaching you additional life skills for the stage of life you are in 

* Teach you essential Emotional Intelligent skills 

* Helping you to let go of old guilt and beliefs 

* Guiding you in making paradigm shifts 

* Helping you to find joy and happiness again.

Please take note: My colleague and I started to record some of our courses and they are now available at Udemy 

Resilience: https://www.udemy.com/course/true-resilience-the-key-to-function-optimally/?referralCode=7E3665FF880510E9F98C 

Assertiveness: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-assertiveness-skill-discover-what-it-can-mean-to-you/?referralCode=53716551E2A07DDC3A0E 

Thoughts: https://www.udemy.com/course/how-your-thoughts-can-make-or-break-you/?referralCode=6F233ED336662D0592FF 

Values: https://www.udemy.com/course/how-living-your-values-may-lead-to-happiness-and-fulfilment/?referralCode=2C9F5103D1412BE96AE5 

Self-transformation: https://www.udemy.com/course/raise-your-consciousness-and-reach-self-realization/?referralCode=E974A89BE3069BABDD5D 

Emotional control: https://www.udemy.com/course/awareness-and-emotional-control/?referralCode=5D610D757CC95050C09C  

 It is very affordable, easy to follow and to learn from. I will update the list of new online courses as we publish them.

I am able to provide you with these recorded courses if you would prefer that. Payable with PayPal - easy and with no middle man.