About me

I started my private practice during 1995 just after I received my Ph.D. in Social Work.

My field of expertise is in Emotional Intelligence. I co-authored several self-help books in this field and since 1998 I facilitated courses, workshops and individual training sessions. Prevention is still the best way to go when working with people. 

Since about 2002 I also provide counseling with gambling addicts. Gambling is a serious addiction and I, as part of the SARGF, receive referrals from their helpline.

I have gained a lot of wisdom as I walked my own challenging life path. As part of my spiritual journey I co-authored a book on spiritual awareness and growth with Dr. Heinrich Kleinschmidt. 

Compassion is who I am. My compassion for others who are struggling in their lives, urge me to help, guide and support them.
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